Monday, September 15, 2008

Chloe's Injury

It's not the first, and it definitely won't be the last.
All I can say is, Chloe's latest injury makes her look like she's been in a fist fight. Hopefully that's not what happened, but it's always hard to tell when the only witnesses to the incident were her three and five-year-old brothers.
It happened on Saturday. Gabe, Cooper and Chloe were all in the boys' bedroom playing. We kept going into the room and checking on them, and they always looked very happy playing with toys on the floor. Then, we heard a crash and Chloe started to cry. We rushed into the room to find Chloe lying on the floor and the boys looking concerned. It didn't take long for her nose to swell and the bruising around the brim of her nose and corners of her eyes to appear.
Gabe claims they were on the bed and Chloe was pushed off the bed by Cooper. Gabe, always the dramatic, reenacted the incident for us and it appeared from Gabe's acting skills that Chloe must have hit her head on the headboard of the bed on her way down.
Cooper claims he didn't push her, she just fell.
Who do we believe? The jury is still out on that one. Who knows if we'll ever come to a verdict. All I know is, poor little Chloe looks beat up, and with two rough and tumble brothers as playmates, it probably won't be the last of her playtime injuries!
Below, a profile shot that shows the bruising on her nose and eyes. Ouch!

A closeup of the damages.

But of course, she's still one happy girl! Whatever did happen, I don't think she'll hold a grudge.

Honestly, one of our kids always has a bruise or a scrape at all times. Do your kids get hurt as much as mine do?

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MamaPajama said...


Two days in a row Thing One got a little rowdy (but I don't think mean). When Thing Two (18 months) was riding his plastic trike in the living room, Thing One gave the trike a huge push. Oops! Thing Two fell backwards off the trike. The next morning, they were chasing each other and Thing One grabbed Thing Two's feet, sending him forehead-first into the floor.

Thing One is relatively injury-free, but Thing Two has had 5 split lips (one that still bled 8 hours later) and several forehead bruises, one that swelled up so fast and huge that we freaked out and called the doctor. So far, no permanent or truly dangerous injuries, though.