Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Painting Gourds

Fall is upon us, which means Grandpa & Grandma Sanders pumpkin farm will be in operation before we know it.
I get the fun job of painting every year...painting pumpkins for display at the farm and painting birdhouse gourds to sell. And it really is fun for me because I do love to paint and do crafts!

Of course you can't start painting and expect the kids not to join in. So I taped old newspaper to one end of the table and let Cooper paint on white paper while I got a few gourds painted.

He had so much fun! I think for Cooper, the more paint you end up having on your body, the more fun you have. By the looks of Cooper's hands, he had a blast!

And while Cooper & I were painting, Chloe decided to have some fun of her own in her new hideout: the wet bar cabinets. She always chooses the same cabinet, the one that houses the cereal boxes. Smart girl, play and eat at the same time :)
What is it about kids and hiding in cabinets? I have a photo of Gabe and Cooper doing the exact same thing {not in our current house, but in Urbana} at about the exact same age as Chloe is now.
Of course, I would display those photos on this post too, but our hard drive is still holding our photos hostage, so I can't.

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