Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have heard about a must see movie.
Fireproof is the third production of Sherwood Pictures and brothers Stephen and Alex Kendrick, creators of “Facing the Giants.” The movie productions are part of the ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, New York, where church members have roles both in front of and behind the camera.
It stars Kirk Cameron as a firefighter, and Erin Bethea as his wife.
Speaking of the wife, I was told by at least 6 different people at church this morning who have already seen the movie that she's another of my look-a-likes, a subject I've already blogged about before. Jason and I are going to go see the movie tonight, so I guess I'll get to judge for myself.
Anyway, we've heard nothing but rave reviews and it's only in theaters locally through Tuesday, so go check it out if you can!
It's not very often when you can go see a movie in the theaters that talks so openly about God and the need we have for Him in our lives. Don't miss the opportunity to support this film!


Anonymous said...

I saw Kirk Cameron talking about this movie on Dr. Phil and want to see it so bad....You'll have to let me know how to is.. It looks great!

Love from Liberty said...

Also did you know that Kirk Cameron refused to kiss a woman other than his wife even for the movie so his wife was a body double for the kissing scene.

The Sanders Family said...

I actually did know that...Jason told me. That's pretty cool!