Friday, September 26, 2008

Summer Dress

It's September 26, yet it's 82 degrees outside right now.
Although it's officially Fall, it sure feels a lot like summer.
I took advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures today to have Chloe wear a summer dress.
This isn't just any summer dress, it's my absolute favorite of the many summer dresses she has. I got it from Gymboree and I just love the dress, matching hat, matching shoes, matching hair bows {I'm very dangerous in Gymboree because they sell so many adorable accessories that match every outfit. But don't worry, I only buy them on sale at that store.}
While I had Chloe in this dress, possibly for the very last time before it turns cold and the dress doesn't fit her anymore, I thought I'd better get some photos.
It turned into a full-blown photo shoot, as it often does when I have a camera.


juliemk said...

What a cute dress! She looks so cute (but when doesn't she look cute?)

Love from Liberty said...

The second picture is my favorite.