Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall Fashion

So it's no secret that I love shopping.
Not shopping for just anything, shopping for clothes.
There, I said it again for the record.
That being said, I got the new Fall Boden catalog in the mail
and I'm loving this outfit!

The problem is, the shirt, skirt and boots that make up this outfit...

Come to a grand total of...

*drum roll please*


Oops. Jason always says that I can walk into any store and, without looking at the price tag, whatever I'm drawn to is most likely the most expensive item in the store. He's right. It's been proven time and time again. But I can't help it that I have expensive taste, right?

So, I got a dollar...anybody got $413 to spare?


Anonymous said...

I love that outfit! You always dress so cool....You never look like the typical "mom"... I was actually in Gordman's yesterday looking thru clothes and thought I wonder what Angie would pick out.. Now I know your secret :)

Oh and I posted about shopping today too.. I think we have a problem..

I'll pitch in a dollar if you want to share ;)

The Sanders Family said...

Sure Shawna, I'll share the outfit with ya! But now that we've got two dollars, how are we gonna get the other $412?

Anonymous said...

We do need to go shopping together! That would be so much fun... Just tell me when :)