Saturday, September 20, 2008


We went to an auction today, where Jason 'shopped' for some tools. That's really the only kind of shopping Jason enjoys. If I didn't shop for his clothes, he'd be naked. And let's face it, that'd just be a little awkward for everyone.
Jason was successful, scoring quite a few deals at the auction, like two four-foot step ladders, an eight-foot step ladder, a drill with accessories, log chains, a stir crazy popcorn popper, etc.
{Tools really don't interest me that much, so details about his purchases escape me. All I can say is, he was pretty excited.}
So tonight, after we got home and tucked the kids into bed, I did a little shopping of my own. And I have to report, J Crew, one of my faves, is having a great sale. I ordered this dress tonight, something I admired a few months or so back but couldn't bring myself to pay the retail price of $88.00.

I paid the sale price of $29.99, plus had a discount code for an extra 25 percent off. SCORE!
I enjoy shopping for deals via the internet. The only downfall is, you can't try it on until after you've purchased it. Hopefully it's as cute as it looks! I love the boatneck and 3/4 sleeve fit. Love the color.
I love shopping. Oh how I love shopping.

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