Saturday, September 27, 2008


This is HomecominG Weekend for our school, and with Homecoming always comes a parade.
Cooper, Chloe, Grandma and I watched the parade together, as did Gabe with his kindergarten class.
Last night's football game against the Knights was another loss for the Vikings...I think we're just cursed in football.
And no offense, but the parade wasn't much to take photos of.
So, here's some photos of the kids at the parade ")
{Chloe looking for the source of all the sirens.}

{Chloe says 'Cheese'}

{I had to wake Cooper from his nap to get to the parade on time. He was so tired, and didn't feel like having his picture taken.}

{Cooper waiting for the firetrucks to come...his 'best part.'}

{Gabe after the parade.}

{All the kindergarten students made
signs to support the team. Go Vikes!}

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