Thursday, September 18, 2008

Christmas Anyone?

If you know our living situation, then you know that most of our things are packed away in storage. We have the essentials we need for daily living in the basement, which is the only part of our home that is finished and is where we live our day to day lives. Our house is being renovated in stages, with the next stage {starting hopefully in a few short weeks} to be the outside overhaul. The last stage will be to finish the rest of the inside, including the main and upper levels, after which we will then finally be able to completely unpack and fully move into our country home. But I digress...
Since most of our personal effects are in storage, I often have to dig through boxes to find things I am looking for. This morning I was looking for some books and photos I had packed away when I found my beloved Christmas cd's!
My favorite holiday is hands down, no question, Christmas! I love Christmas! I love the snow...I love the tree...I love the decorations...I love why we celebrate Christmas {Jesus, of course!}...I love the childlike wonder Christmas inspires...I love buying presents...I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
And lest I forget the reason for this post, I LOVE the MUSIC!
So, for me to play Christmas music, it does not have to be Christmas. I placed my long lost Christmas cd's in the disc changer, hit play, and spent the last few hours jamming to some Christmas tunes.
Cooper's favorite is Jingle Bells, for which, he has his own version...
'Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
All the way the fun, HEY!'

It doesn't seem to matter how many times I try to correct him, he always sings it exactly like that, over and over again. It's really so cute, I don't know why I would think of correcting him.
Then, while I was listening to the Christmas music, I was continuing to go through storage and was looking for Chloe's fall and winter clothes from last year so that I could list some items for sale on ebay. And what did I find? Her Christmas dress from last year, which still fit. {It's so cute...I just had to try it on her!} A bit snug, but still adorable!
Cooper saw Chloe in her dress and said, "Wow Chloe looks beautiful!" So sweet.
So I got the music, I got the clothes, I got the Christmas spirit,
is it Christmastime yet?
How about you? What's your favorite holiday?
{While I had her in the dress, I took a few photos.}


Anonymous said...

That is soooo funny.. Every once in a while I find myself singing Christmas carols and laugh at myself.. I love Christmas too. I just wish it could be in the fall when there is no snow.. I LOVE the fall decorations..

Don't you love when the clothes fit again the next year? Is Chloe sporting some new bags? Or are they usually tucked back.. Poor girl still has a little shiner left too...

The Sanders Family said...

I never really wanted to cut Chloe's bangs, but lately I've been pulling her hair back in a pony tail and she had a few short pieces that hung down her forehead. So, I thought they looked really cute and just added a few to them. I think the soft bangs really make her baby blue eyes stand out. Finally being able to style a girl's hair is so fun! There's only so much you can do with a boy's style :)