Monday, September 22, 2008

Pumpkin Picking 2008

Every year the pumpkin season is kicked off with a bunch of volunteers heading out to the farm for a day of picking pumpkins. Loads and loads of pumpkins are hauled in from the field and in one day the yard is transformed from green grass to a sea of orange. It's really quite amazing how much work can be accomplished when people unite.
I have too many photos to fit into one post, so stay tuned for pumpkin picking part 2!
{Pick-up full of pumpkins}

{When Jason's in the truck, you have to watch out for flying pumpkins.}

{Pumpkins piled high}

{A yard full of orange}

{Brothers...aren't they sweet}

{ nap, but still happy. He LOVED going to the field in the pickup}

{Gabe with a dirty face only a grandma could love}

{Chloe napped inside Grandma's house for most of the day. When she woke up, she seemed amazed by the pumpkins filling the yard and just watched everything for awhile.}

{There's a big smile}

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