Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pumpkin Picking 2008 Part 2

Since last fall Chloe was only 4 months old, she really wasn't too interested in the pumpkins.
This year is a whole different story. At 16 months old, she wants to explore and check out these giant round balls a little more closely. Chloe continues to have an obsession with balls and I really do think that's what she thinks these pumpkins are. On Sunday, she was walking around the yard full of pumpkins squealing with excitement! She immediately started trying to pick them up and was getting rather frustrated that she couldn't lift them. Of course, I took photos of her attempts.

Most of the pumpkins weigh more than her, but it didn't stop her from trying to manhandle those giant round balls.
Chloe was also quite interested in the gourds and spent much time taking the gourds out of their box and then putting them back into the box. Hours could have passed and she would have been well entertained with this activity.

And besides the fall produce, Grandma & Grandpa also have plenty of animals to keep kids entertained. Chloe was particularly fascinated with the turkeys. She seemed to be drawn to the noise and stood at the fence watching those turkeys, trying to imitate their "gobble, gobble" sounds. At times the turkeys would get really close to Chloe on the other side of the fence and they'd seem to be carrying on a conversation of sorts. Maybe Chloe speaks turkey?

It's always fun to see a child making discoveries for the first time. Things that we take for granted, like pumpkins, gourds and turkeys, are new and exciting to a toddler.
I have to say I've never seen Chloe this dirty. All those discoveries make for one messy girl, and if the rule is 'the messier the baby, the more fun they had,' I'd say Chloe had a blast!

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