Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dirt Bike Boys

Here is a first look at Jason on a dirt bike! He is borrowing it from a friend to see if he wants to get a bike to use for going to work.
When Jason first told me about this idea of getting a motorcycle, my immediate thought was that we would be pretty much making it inevitable that someday Gabe & Cooper will be riding motorcycles just like dad. My mind then flashed forward to a future of me, the worried mother, sitting at home, worrying of course, while my boys were out riding their motorcycles.
I have always had this fear of motorcycles, from the time I was young, and remember seeing people on bikes on the highway going so fast & thinking they were crazy. My dad even used to ride dirt bikes, and be in hill climbing competitions when I was very young, but I remember always thinking those bikes were so scary. I know there are plenty of safe motorcyclists, but now as a mother, I am thinking of my boys out there on the highway someday. But if Gabe & Cooper's reactions in this video are any indication, I have nothing to fear. It seems I may have somehow passed my motorbike fear onto my children. They wanted nothing to do with that bike and covered their ears exclaiming, "It's too loud!" That's music to my ears! Also, notice Gabe's constant whimpering in the video...he didn't even want to sit on the bike. (Note: The part in this post where I sound like an overprotective mother is, in part, an exaggeration meant to make the post more interesting. I'm really not that overprotective, am I???)


Justin said...

Jason should start a biker gang ministry at OGCC.

m.duncan said...

Just looked at your blog. Your sons look like their father when he was just a lad, ( yes I do remember then ) What a happy smile your daughter has. Of course it comes from loving parents. ENJOY LIFE