Friday, May 9, 2008

Hershey's Track Meet

We had quite a big day yesterday. We went to Gabe's first track meet, the Hershey's Track Meet, which was for ages 5 through I think 12. It's funny because I remember running in the Hershey's Track Meet when I was a girl. I went to state for the 100 meter dash and I would get so nervous before a big race that I would actually get sick! Thankfully, Gabe doesn't take after me and he was as confident as can be with no nausea!
Gabe competed in the long jump, softball throw and the 50 meter dash. I think by far the race was the most entertaining. They had three lines of little 5 and 6 year old girls lined up at the starting line and what they wanted was for the first heat to run at the sound of the gun...yes, they actually started the races by gunshot, which was quite a lot for this age group. So when the gun went off, they all got confused and instead of one row of girls running, all three lines of girls started running at once. It was too funny!
Before the big day, I had anticipated all that could go wrong with a five-year-old who had never competed in a race before and decided to practice racing with Gabe in our yard a couple of times. I drew two lines about 50 meters apart and we started on one line and ran to the other. We practiced all the important things: don't run until it's time, run all the way through the finish line, stay in your lane, etc. I had also really stressed to Gabe that he should look straight ahead when he runs and don't be looking around at everyone else. Well, he did start when he should, he did stay in his lane, and he did run all the way through the finish line. But of course being five, you can't expect perfection. The entire time, Gabe was watching everyone else while he ran to the finish line. It seriously looked like he was trying to carry on a conversation with his fellow racers. Oh well, he finished third in his heat and had soooo much fun!
Here's some photos of the big race...they're kind of small, but notice
Gabe is always looking to one side or the other in EVERY PHOTO!!

Above, Gabe is second from the left, and is looking to his left.

Above, there's Gabe out in front looking to his right!

Above, Gabe's long jump.

COOPER the Runner
I really wish I would have gotten some photos of Cooper. He was so into running and before the races began, he ran around the track two complete laps without stopping. He was hardly winded. I think he really has a future as a long distance runner. When I asked him, 'What are you doing Cooper?' he responded, "I'm just running." He reminded me of Forrest Gump!

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