Saturday, May 24, 2008


Last night I was home alone. Well, not exactly alone. The kids were in their beds fast asleep and Jason was gone meeting his cousin Jeremy & fiance Kaely in Iowa City about their wedding next weekend, so that left me to fend for myself when we had an intruder.
When I first saw him, I screamed and froze in terror. I feared for my life and the lives of my children. When I composed myself a bit, I grabbed a shoe. Not just any shoe, I chose Jason's big size 14 shoe thinking a blow from a shoe that size would surely kill him. But I couldn't bring myself close enough to be in striking range. So I decided to put down the shoe and get my camera so that I could zoom in on our intruder and have proof of his break-in.
Here's the evidence:

Yes, it was a spider. But not just any spider, it was a HUGE SPIDER!
And yes, I've been known to overreact to spiders before. There was the time in fourth grade when I was in the shower and saw a huge spider on the shower curtain, was frozen in fear for about 20 minutes trying to think of how I could get out of that situation alive, and then finally called my mom at work and had her come home just to kill the thing. Then there was that time after Jason and I were first married and we had our first apartment and again, there was a spider, and again, I was home alone, and again, I called my brave mom to come over and kill the spider for me. So yes, I suppose you could say that I have a bit of a fear of spiders.
But look at this photo! It was a huge, hairy spider with long outstretched legs just plotting his takeover of my home! I just know his many friends are soon to follow with summer not even upon us.
Needless to say, my fear takes over all rational thinking when I see a spider and I literally break down. Jason came home to find me shaking, holding his shoe, and watching this spider like a hawk to make sure he didn't get away.
I'm surely not the only one who lives in fear of these ugly, menacing pests, am I ???

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