Friday, May 2, 2008

Random Photos

I thought I'd post some random photos of recent days. Well, the first one is from our vacation, which is not so recent, but it's one where I'm with my boys and we're actually all looking at the camera.

This photo of Chloe is So Cute! I love this outfit, but I'm not thinking it's going to fit her much longer and it's not even summer yet. So, at least I have a cute picture of her in it!

This one I call 'Brotherly Love.' Nothing says love between brothers like a good headlock!

Chloe has some funny faces, and this is definitely one of them. What a personality!

I LOVE this photo! I call it, 'My Boys.' Notice the slight pained expression on Jason's face. It makes me laugh. They were sort of in a "pyramid" on the floor and they didn't know I had the camera to snap this shot. Good times!

Chloe's smiling face is so easy to capture in photos because she's almost literally ALWAYS SMILING! What a sweetie!

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