Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's a beautiful morning!

We've managed to spend most of our morning outside. Just can't resist this beautiful weather! Here's some photos from our morning in the great outdoors!
(Chloe hasn't been feeling the best, so she was inside napping most of the morning.)

Gabe & Cooper like to sit on our fence &
pretend to ride horses.

Gabe was trying to climb up the slide with Cooper on his back...Needless to say, This was quite a comical event.

Cooper smiling with his tongue out...don't know why he does this, but he does it often!

Cooper stopping to give mom a nice smile on the slide.

Gabe waiting patiently to play baseball during my photo taking of Cooper. Look at poor Gabe and how bored he looks. The funny thing is, this isn't staged or exaggerated, it's exactly how he looked sitting there waiting for me.

Gabe learns mom is now ready to pitch him some balls...there's a happy boy!

after our baseball practice!

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