Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gabe the Photographer

So today Gabe wanted to try his hand at photography. I was trying to get some photos of Gabe on the trampoline and he says to me, "I'll take your picture mom." I laughed and thought, 'Why not,' and handed him the camera. After a quick lesson on where to press the button, he started shooting away. I have to tell ya, I was shocked when I saw what he had done. Keep in mind, he's only five! I'm thinking he may have a future behind the camera! You be the judge:

After this one, he looked at the digital screen and said, "Wow, that one was really pretty mom, but give me just a little more smilie," So I started laughing of course, and Gabe responded, "that's great, perfect mom!" He's even a natural at giving direction...what a professional!

Jason came over to see what was going on and Gabe took our picture together:

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