Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spiderman Gabe

Last night we were jumping on the trampoline. It was just Gabe and I (angie) because Cooper was riding on the tractor tilling our garden with Jason, and Chloe was napping. So, I thought this was a great opportunity to try and get some pictures. I thought it would be great to try and get some shots to make it look like Gabe is just soaring in the really was the perfect blue sky & white clouds! To do this, I figured out I had to lay on the trampoline. Then, while Gabe was jumping, I was trying to take some pics, which was not easy while laying down on a surface that was going up and down, up and down. But I got this shot:

He just happened to be pretending to be Spiderman, since he does love all things Spiderman, and seriously, doesn't he really look like Spiderman shooting his Spider Webs! Look at his face, he's so serious about it too! Just thought I'd share this fun photo!

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