Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Football in Heaven

Verle H. Sanders
1915 - 2008
{I would post a photo, but our hard drive where all of our digital photos were stored crashed. Great, I know.}

Jason's grandpa died yesterday after years of living plagued by chronic pain. Knowing that he knew the love of Jesus and is now living an eternal life wrapped in that love is a comforting peace we can all rest in.
Verle was a sweet, kind soul and he will be missed greatly by everyone who knew him. His grandchildren will miss him as well, but as Gabe so genuinely put it, "Now great-grandpa has a new body and he can play football in heaven."
Now keep in mind, that's exactly what Gabe said yesterday. Flashback now several months ago to a conversation I had with Gabe.
We had been talking about old people, and he observed that great-grandpa Verle is very little. I explained that sometimes when people get older, their bodies shrink due to aging.
Gabe: "Is that why he walks like this," proceeding to show me how great-grandpa walks hunched over.
ME: "Yes, it's because his bones are old and week."
Gabe: "Is that why he's so tiny?"
ME: "Yes, that's part of it."
Gabe: "But maybe in heaven, when he grows up and gets a bigger body, he can play football!"
For a five-year-old to say the exact same thing several months later when we haven't talked about it since is pretty significant. I'm thinking maybe there's something to this whole idea of Verle playing football in heaven...Gabe's pretty adamant about it anyway!
So now, as we think of Verle, we can picture him up in heaven, with a new bigger body, all grown up and playing football.
Thanks Gabe :)


Anonymous said...

Gabe is so sweet and caring. Just like Great-Grandpa.

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure to prepare potatoes and gravy for every evening meal for Verle while he spent his last months in the annex,,that was his one request,,he was always had a smile on his face at the farm, too.
God Bless,,

Unknown said...

Ahhh, that's sweet Bonnielou!! I'm sure Verle appreciated it so much! Thanks for taking good care of him!