Monday, January 12, 2009

If I could fast forward...

I would describe myself as fairly optimistic.
I don't like to complain too much and I like to look on the bright side.
I also would describe myself as someone with a high tolerance for pain.
After all, I did have three babies, one of them being a 10 pound baby, and never once utilized drugs or an epidural during labor.
But something I'm not so optimistic about, and really feel the pain of, is being pregnant.
I have made it no secret that I greatly dislike being pregnant.
I would say that I hate being pregnant, but hate is such a strong and irreversible word that I choose to use dislike.
If I could fast forward through the nine months of pregnancy and go straight to holding that baby, I would probably choose to do so.
Knowing my pregnancy history should leave no question as to why I feel this way about being pregnant. After all, who likes having constant nausea and fairly constant vomiting for nine straight months {like I had with Gabe.} Yes, Cooper and Chloe's pregnancies were better than my first, but I still had a good five straight months of fairly regular nausea. And with every pregnancies I have experienced constant second and third trimester back pain, and an overall lack of energy. I really think I could sleep for most of the day if allowed. Unfortunately, three kids don't tend to allow that sort of thing to occur.
So for those of you who just love being pregnant, how awesome that must be! I wish I did and have actually prayed I would, but to no avail. It doesn't look like I'll ever be one of those happily pregnant women. Instead, I'm one of those women who are happy to be pregnant because of the result it yields, but also happy to have to over with.
You may ask why I've chose to go through this four times since I dislike it so much?!?
What can I say, but that we love kids!
That's the only reason for it.
So, I'm now 11 weeks pregnant.
Only 29 to go.
Now why does that sound like such a BIG number!?!


Anonymous said...

ioI totally hear you on this! I didn't really enjoy being pregnant either. Not b/c I had anything near the sickness you have. I had some morning sickness and heartburn. My biggest thing was how tired I was. I couldn't get anything done and it drove me crazy. It's such a small amount of time in the big picture but it goes sooo slowly when you are going thru it.

Hang in there!!

juliemk said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! :-) Keep hanging in there!