Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lost Photo

I was organizing some of the thousands...yes, thousands...of photos I have of the kids, and came across one of Coop that I didn't remember editing.
It's from this photo session I had with Cooper in the fall.

I really like this photo of Coop.
To me, it captures the great sensitivity that he has, the kind of sensitivity that is beyond the years of a three-year-old.
Just looking at his eyes and expression in this photo makes me appreciate the great little man he is.
I definitely think the Lord gave Cooper a special gift of compassion and understanding that even at age three is evident.
This photo reminds me of that special gift.
I just wanted to share it, since I neglected to before.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He does look awfully sweet in that picture. That is what I love about photos, you capture their true personality. I am simply amazed at the way God created each of us with our own unique personalities. Sometimes I think He gave the girls a little more than neccassary but He knows what He is doing.
Good luck on sorting thru photos. What a fun job :)