Sunday, January 4, 2009

Under the Weather

I had a great day on Friday. I was feeling good, with no morning sickness plaguing my day. I was able to get the Christmas decorations put away, and get some backed up chores done around the house. I went to bed that night thinking maybe the worst was now behind me.
Then, I woke up Saturday morning sick again. Ahhhh!
And again this morning, so sick that I stayed home from church.
I spent the morning praying this is going to end soon, in between trips to the bathroom of course. And I know it will, it's just hard when you're in the midst of it.
So, although I wish this was written for the benefit of Shawna, a friend who told me to tell her the worst parts of pregnancy so that she wouldn't envy my state, unfortunately it's all true. I remain perhaps one of the sickest pregnant women on record.
Well, here's praying for better days!


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing! I was talking to Ronnie this morning, and she said she was covering for you in nursery since you were sick. Then she said how shocked she was when Coop announced the baby in your belly was making you sick :) She didn't know if he was pulling her leg or what.. Anyways he is announcing your state of "illness"

It really isn't fair that you have to get sick everytime. Do you ever take any meds for it? I took something with Kenna and OHHHHH it was awesome!!! It's for such a good cause, it's just hard to remember in the middle of the bathroom visits.

Unknown said... you remember what you took with Kenna? I think I've tried everything the doctors have recommended during each of my pregnancies and nothing has ever really helped. The only thing that somewhat works is a half tablet of unisom, but I can only take that at night because it makes me so tired. I think I'm just destined to be sick.
Oh well, you're right, it is for a good cause!
I totally forgot to ask someone to cover for me in the nursery this morning. Great to hear Rony did it :)
So funny that you mention about Coop too. He apparently was telling everyone this morning, because Jason had a number of people come up to him saying Cooper told them that his mom was pregnant. I didn't realize he had such loose lips :)

Unknown said...

Don't know why I'm posting as Who We Are??? WIERD!

Anonymous said...

I have the same issue when follow another site on BlogFrog. For some reason it shows a pic of Kinz instead of my profile pic.. Weird..
I'll send you an email with morning sickness info in a bit :)