Friday, January 16, 2009

Stir 'Crazy'

Stir crazy is the title of this post...
emphasis on the 'crazy.'
Another day of no school due to extremely low temperatures translates into another day with all the kids home, and another day overhearing strange conversations like the one the boys were having this morning...

Cooper, talking to Gabe: Oh no Spiderman. We gotta get outta here!
Gabe, talking to Cooper: You're right Cooper. Let's go!
Cooper: I'm not Cooper, I'm Superman. Remember!?!
Gabe: Oh, yeah. I mean, you're right Superman. Let's go!
Cooper: Oh no, my bottom's on fire!
Gabe: Don't worry Superman, I'll use my spiderwebs to get some water and put out the flames.
{Gabe proceeds to make some pretty strange sound effects, apparently in following through with the action described above.}
Cooper: Ahhh. That feels much better. But now there's a hole in my suit.
Gabe {in a very serious tone}: That is not cool!
{Then both boys burst into hysterical laughter.}

What can I least they have active imaginations.
I'm just afraid Chloe has learned too much the past few days.
She's spent a lot of time yielding the boys' Star Wars light saber, and she's learned a lot of new noises simulating bodily functions.
So much for my feminine little girl.

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