Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wrong Bus

I was at home this afternoon, trying to get a few things done before starting to think about what I should make for supper. The phone rings and it's Valerie, a friend and the mom of Gabe's best friend, Brayden.
It is all set up that Gabe is going to ride home with Brayden on the bus after school and then they'll head to the Roughriders hockey game...TOMORROW.
Trouble is, the boys thought it was today, hence Valerie's phone call.
"Gabe's at our house," Valerie says, laughing. "Apparently they thought the hockey game was tonight."
Now neither Valerie nor I sent notes to school with the boys saying Gabe was to ride the bus home with Brayden today. And since the school makes such a big deal that you need a note for EVERYTHING, I find it odd that Gabe was able to board the wrong bus without so much as a question.
But, alas, everything is fine, and we have a funny story to remember.
I guess the trial run went well, and we'll try it again tomorrow night.


juliemk said...

I've always wondered if I would do something like that with one of my students, but we don't have any kids that ride the bus, so that helps. Was Gabe upset that it wasn't tonight? I bet they we excited to ride on the bus together!

Anonymous said...

Oh NO!!! I bet he was mad he had to come home :) I am surprised they let him ride w/o a note too.. That's not very reassuring :)
If nothing else they got a free afternoon of fun together..

Unknown said...

Julie...Gabe wasn't upset at all, he was just glad to get to go over to Brayden's twice instead of just once, lol.

Unknown said...

Shawna...guess you'd better be careful next year if you have Kinzley ride the bus. And by the way, exercise extra caution if she's on the same route as Gabe {which Gabe says she will be} because they might both end up at Brayden's, lol.