Saturday, January 24, 2009

Matilda Jane

I love Matilda Jane dresses.
I'm not quite sure how I happened to come to know of this brand, since it isn't sold in stores around these parts. They are sold at 'trunk shows' hosted at parties, similar to how you'd have a jewelry party or Tupperware party.
However I did find these dresses doesn't really matter.
The point is, I love them, and they're way too expensive.
I was looking on ebay thinking maybe I could snag one for Chloe, but they're selling for at least....

*drum roll please*

... $75!

Yup, I'm talking $75 a dress, for a little girl's dress!
As much as I love clothes, I can't justify $75 for a dress Chloe would grow out of in a matter of months, especially since I'm not married to a doctor.
But I can still look.
And who knows, maybe I'll get a 1/2 price deal on ebay someday...or more like a 1/3 price deal.
Just look at this Matilda Jane Slip Knot dress.
Seriously, isn't it cute, and wouldn't Chloe look so cute in it...

I like that it's girly and different and a bit reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie.
On second thought, I just happen to know someone who is an excellent seamstress {definitely not me} and could make Chloe a replica.
There's a idea!

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