Monday, June 30, 2008

Fishing Tips

Jason found this site when searching for fishing accident first aid. Anytime he goes fishing with me he gets a little nervous. The first time we ever went fishing together was when I was 16 and he was 17, and I "caught" him with my hook. Yes, you read that right, I drew my pole back, went to cast my line and I got my hook hung up on something. I thought I had gotten my hook caught on the boat, but no, it was embedded in Jason's head! Our two friends who were in the boat with us were both in shock as I kept yanking on my fishing pole, trying to get my hook off what I thought was the boat. When I learned the hook was actually in Jason's head, I of course felt terrible and to this day haven't lived it down. There's still a scar on his head from my hook, and every time I cut his hair, I can feel the scar.
Needless to say, just a warning to exercise caution if you find yourselves fishing within close proximity of me on the family vacation. And if you happen to find yourselves in the same "boat" Jason was in so to speak (excuse the pun), check out these instructions for proper hook removal and care:

"Fishing is a great sport not void of its own injuries. This young boy acquired a fish hook in an unlikely location. When a fish hook is embedded on the face it is NOT advisable to use the "pull and jerk" method, which would cause more pain. This fish hook was removed by anesthetizing the area and slowly maneuvering the hook out of the entrance hole. In the outdoors, if available, one can use ice, liquid Benadryl as an anesthesia before removing the hook. Always remember to clean and irrigate the wound and making sure your tetanus is updated."

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