Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rough Play

A regular event at our house is floor wrestling. I blame Jason for this. It all started when Gabe was a baby and Jason would wrestle with him on the floor. Gabe, being all boy, of course loved to wrestle and continued the tradition when Cooper was a baby. But Cooper never really liked to wrestle quite as much. He isn't nearly as aggressive as Gabe, so the rough wrestling matches aren't always what Cooper is in the mood for. And then there's Chloe. She too is pretty laid back and mellow, but she absolutely LOVES it when Gabe plays rough with her. He'll literally pick her up, swing her around, and roll on the floor with her, and she laughs hysterically. He also has started having pillow fights with her. Gabe will throw a pillow at her with such force that it will knock her down, and she just laughs. I constantly remind him to be more gentle with her, and his response is, "But she likes it mom!" And it's true. I can't think of one time where she's started crying when they're playing rough. She loves it!
Today, all three kids were wrestling on the floor. Here's a couple of photos:

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