Sunday, June 22, 2008

The kiddies

I have a few random photos of the kids to post. Yesterday, I got out the camera and attempted to get a photo of the kids together, but this always proves to be a daunting task by myself. So, I didn't get any that were very quality, but I did get a couple cute ones, or at least ones that show how easy it ISN'T to photograph the 5 and under crowd!
This first one shows the boys trying to tell Chloe that it's going to be alright. Coop said, "Just smile Chloe, it's ok babe," which was too sweet! Gabe said to Chloe, "All you have to do is smile and then Mom can take the picture and then we can get back to playing," which made me laugh. He's become such a logical thinker!

I looked at this photo and thought, "wow, I can really see the resemblance between Cooper & Chloe!" It's kind of a day to day guess of who looks like who. Some days, we'll be out and people will say, "wow, she really looks like Gabe!" And some days it's, "wow, she really looks like Cooper!" To me, she looks like Chloe. But I can definitely see a resemblance between all of the kids.

Here's a closeup of the boys with their hats. For some reason, yesterday was "hat day" and both boys wore those hats for most of the day. Aren't they cute! Cooper actually looks pretty goofy in this photo, but that's why I love it!

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