Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We now officially have bales of hay. This is something we are pretty excited about, because in a way it is a momentous moment. We are now officially producing something off our farmland, and I know that makes Jason's day. It made the boys day too, as we learned that hay bales can make for some fun play.
I took the kids out to see the bales and got some photos of them. Chloe wasn't cooperating very well when we were outside and it was too bright to get any great shots. But here's a few from our time:

This was the best one I got of the three kids, which is not great, but they are all looking at the camera! Look at the squinting...way too bright for pictures!

Here's the boys sitting on top of the hay bale.

I missed what it was that one of the boys said that was so funny, but caught their reactions!

Gabe & Cooper by our tree. Seriously, I think it may very well be the only tree on our 20-something acres of land. We'll have to give it some friends when we do our landscaping someday :) Anyway, this was a cute one of the boys.

I thought this one of the kids holding hands was a cute one for black & white.

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