Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flood Photo Update

In a previous post I had explained that we were having trouble with our camera and memory card. The flood photos were not registering on the memory card at all. Other photos that I had taken were showing up, but not the flood pics. We thought it was our camera, which has been recalled by Nikon for repairs. But it's hard to part with our camera for who knows how long (last time I had to have work done on it, the company had it for 4 months!) so I haven't sent it in for the warranty work yet. So, we took the memory card to Target to pull the photos off the card. That didn't work either. So, we bought a new external card reader and hooked it up to the computer. That didn't work either. So we bought an internal card reader and installed it in the computer. That didn't work either. (Are you seeing a pattern develop of the kind of luck we have with technology!!!)
Well, last night Jason had the idea to call Best Buy to see if they could tell us of any other ways to try to pull photos off a memory card. The employee told Jason of a free online program you can download that retrieves photos from a memory card that aren't registering, but that are still embedded in the card. I'm happy to report, it worked. I haven't had a change to download all the photos yet, but I just wanted to report the good news that our flood photos are not lost and will be posted soon! Hooray!

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Anonymous said...

So what is the program that worked? I have had that problem as well...