Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We had the privilege of being a part of Jason's cousin's wedding this past weekend. Jason officiated the wedding, his first wedding, and did an excellent job! Gabe was the ring bearer and looked like such a little man in his tuxedo. It was a beautiful wedding, Jeremy & Kaely make a beautiful couple. And despite Cooper & Chloe being a little off from their recent sickness (Coop had bronchitis and Chloe had two ear infections) they really did quite well!
Of course, I have a ton of photos, and I mean a ton! I tried to narrow it down, but please be prepared...there's still a lot of photos ahead! (Here's a Tip: Click on any of the photos to see them larger.)

Here's the wedding party at a park before the wedding. This photo illustrates why I need to invest in an external flash for my Nikon camera. The lighting in this photo leaves something to be desired!

The men of the wedding party (and Gabe, still just a boy but looking quite grown-up.)

The men of the wedding party holding the bride.

The wedding photographer had Gabe wear his sunglasses for this shot. Don't they look ready for the cover of GQ?!?

Cooper at the church. I made sure he wore a black suit and pink tie, so that he wouldn't be completely outdone by Gabe in his ringbearer tux. Doesn't he look cute :)

Here's Gabe waiting in the pew while photos were taken prior to the wedding.

Here's Gabe in timeout, looking sad. He thought it was a good idea to wrestle with Cooper before the wedding, but I disagreed.

Gabe & the flower girl, Olivia. What a cute couple!

Jason & his dad.

The wedding party. Notice Gabe is looking right at the camera. I have him trained too well :)

The happy couple after the wedding. I love the bubbles in this photo!

We were able to get some family photos! Notice how we're all color coordinated...cute, or just plain obsessive, I'm not quite sure :)

Here's Jason & Chloe eating JalapeƱo Poppers at the wedding. Those two will eat anything, and I mean anything!

The mother of the groom dancing with her son. Doesn't Mary look beautiful?!

Here's Gabe with one of his many dance partners of the night. What a ladies man!

At left, Chloe was checking out the reflections of the lights on the dance floor. When she decided it was safe, she found a dance partner of her own (at right.) It was so funny, several little girls were fighting over who got to dance with Chloe.

Dwight & Bonnie cuttin' a rug.

Cooper and his dance partner bringing back the 80's with some break-dancing. These two had quite a love hate relationship throughout the night. She'd chase him, he'd chase her, they dance, they'd fight...what a couple!

Above, Cooper & Gabe dancing. They had such a great time! Cooper ended up falling asleep at the reception, but Gabe kept going. Below, is Gabe really getting his groove on. It was hilarious to see all of his dance moves (I will try to add a video of his dancing later today.) It's really hard to describe Gabe's style of dancing...you just have to see it for yourself!

Jason & I.

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