Sunday, November 16, 2008


It's no secret that I love to shop online. Currently, I've started to do some Christmas shopping via the internet. Much easier than dragging three children through the busy stores.
Of course, my online gift shopping always somehow gravitates to clothes shopping. Hmmmm, why does that keep happening?
Since my funds are not limitless, I often find myself 'window shopping,' but it's still fun. Shopping is shopping, right?!?
Lately, I've been checking out Anthropologie. They have such cute and unique clothes!!! A bit pricey for me, but I love to look.
I adore this dress...

So classic and lovely!
At $159 and no where to wear it, I can't justify the purchase.
And then there's this sweater...

It's called the 'ski trail' sweater.
I ski, but I can't/won't afford a $98 sweater.
And this blouse...

Shown in orange, but I'd get the teal.
Still, it's $68, just for one blouse.
I'll wait for the sale.

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