Monday, November 3, 2008

Gabe's Vote for President

I was reading a friends blog tonight {Hi Shawna} where she talked about her daughter 'voting' for president in her preschool class. It was such a funny story, and reminded me of Gabe's voting story.

About a month ago, Gabe came home from school and said, "Hey mom...who are you going to vote for, that Bo Bamma guy or the old white-haired guy?"
After the laughter stopped, I of course answered, "I'm going to vote for John McCain, the 'old white-haired guy' as you put it Gabe."
"Ooops," Gabe replied.
"What...what's wrong Gabe," I said.
"Well, we voted at school today and I voted for Bo Bamma. Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?" Gabe said.
So then, I felt like I had failed my son. Of course, in the grand scope of lessons I felt pressing to teach Gabe, like how to write lower case letters or how to tie his shoes, somehow I didn't think political education was quite as pressing. But I guess it is, as apparently, they're already having political discussions at school, and I certainly don't want the teacher thinking we're guiding our son to vote for 'Bo Bamma!'
So after a long discussion as to the reasons why I'm voting for John McCain instead of Barrack Obama, I felt like Gabe had a pretty good understanding of the political candidates.
Later, when Jason came home, I learned I hadn't done such a great job...
Gabe: "Hey dad, guess who I voted for at school today!"
Jason: "Who?"
Gabe: "Barrack Obama" {Getting the name right this time!}
Jason: "Really?" {With disappointment.}
Gabe: "Yeah, but I'm gonna tell the teacher to change my vote tomorrow cause I don't want to vote for the bad man. I want to vote for McCain. He's the old guy who likes babies. {Referring to John McCain's pro-life views.}
Well, there's a five-year-old's political take for ya!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!
When I heard Kinzley say she voted for Obama my mouth dropped open. We talk politics a lot here and I was for sure she knew we liked McCain. It made me feel as if I hadn't done my job right.
I also thought I don't want Mrs. Ferguson thinking we vote for Obama LOL
I wasn't sure how much to get into telling her why we voted McCain so maybe I'll explain the babies to her. Who knows she will probably understnad it as well as Gabe did..

Good thing these two don't get to decide!

Anonymous said...

Why are you blogging on vacation?

Unknown said...

Why wouldn't I blog on vacation? It's the best time to blog...when there's really something to blog about, lol.