Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Trip & Condo

I think the most exciting thing about our car ride down to Myrtle Beach, besides the trick-or-treating that I already posted about, was this:

Gas under $2 just south of Indianapolis. To think, just about 6 months ago we were paying over $4! Now that's a savings!
On to our Myrtle Beach condo...We are staying at the Wyndham Ocean Boulevard, which consists of four towers of condos. Ours is a spacious three bedroom unit, which works great for our family. Below is the view from our living room window. That's another Wyndham tower across the street from ours.

The kids love the view:

The only downfall is that you can see the pool from our balcony, which results in constant requests to go swimming!
And some of the other rooms in the condo...notice the 'art deco' decorating theme, which the boys think is pretty cool!
{The Living Room}

{The Master Bedroom}

{And Master Bathroom}

{Chloe's's pink, perfect!}

{The Boys' Room. Gabe LOVES that they have their own tv, a feature their room at home does not have!}

{The Kitchen}

We're really liking our place for the week and love to see the ocean view across the street! The boys asked why we can't have an ocean outside our home in Iowa. Gabe says he'd even settle for a pond, like the neighbor has. That's all we need...more home projects!

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