Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful For My Children: Part 3

Last but not least, I want to give thanks for the baby of our family, Chloe.
Again, Chloe was easily conceived, and again, the pregnancy was better than my first.
We decided not to find out whether the baby was a boy or a girl, but I knew, and I mean knew, I was having a boy. All the elements of the pregnancy felt very similar to the boys, and I had that gut intuition that this baby was a boy.
Needless to say, I was shocked when the nurse yelled, "It's a Girl!"
Chloe was born on May 26, 2007. She weighed an even 8 pounds and was a beautiful little sight. I remember I just kept looking at her, thinking, "I really had a girl?" The shock lasted for days!
I was so thankful to have been blessed with this little girl, but so unprepared. I made Jason stop at Old Navy on the way home from the hospital and we went shopping for girl baby clothes with newborn Chloe in tow. Being the clothes hound that I am, I couldn't let this girl be lacking a fashionable wardrobe.
And she sure doesn't. I think Chloe probably has about 15 pairs of shoes! Granted, some have been given to us as hand-me-downs and some purchased on ebay {another of my vices.} She has any color and style of shoe that would be needed for any outfit and occasion, which Jason finds a little ridiculous. Sorry Jason :) But deep down, way way deep down, I know he's also thankful that I can finally exercise my right to shop on our little girl.
But enough about fashion. There's many other distinct elements that make a girl much different from a boy. Chloe is extremely animated, using hand gestures and raising and lowering her vocal tone so that you're sure to know what she's talking about. And she talks all the time, sometimes non-stop! It's usually very cute, unless you're locked in a car with her on a 19 hour road trip.
Chloe is very sensitive and it doesn't take much correction to scold her. Look at her with disappointment and she'll crumble, which doesn't exactly work for the boys.
Chloe is a great little toddler and is so much fun to interact with. Joy radiates from her and she is usually smiling and laughing, except when that regularly scheduled nap is too far overdue! She loves to give and receive kisses, and loves to sit and snuggle.
I look forward to her growing up and having a mother & daughter bond that is so unique, as my mom and I have. But I cherish these days when she's young, because as I said before, they go by too fast.
Thank you God for Chloe!

I think our cup overfloweth with blessings this Thanksgiving as I look at our children.


Anonymous said...

AWW Angie! I have been waiting to write afer you wrote about all three and it wouldn't let me.. Finally I think it's going too..

With each and every post you wrote, I teared up! I can just feel how much love you have for each one of your kids. You appreciate all the unique qualities each has. They are so blessed to have a mom who loves them all so much. All your kids are so cute and I can't wait until we are in-laws ;)

Unknown said...

Awww....thanks Shawna!
{And we'd be privileged to have in-laws like you two! lol}