Saturday, December 6, 2008

Alive and Well

Jason was gone last night.
He took the youth group to a conference in Minneapolis, which translated into me and the kids being home alone.
For those of you who don't know, I am super paranoid about being home alone, especially now that we're living in the country. Every sound alerts me of someone trying to break into the house, in my mind anyway. I go and lock the door, and relock the door, making sure the house is secure. I have not only the home phone, but my cell phone in bed with me, just in case some bad guys cut the phone lines.
I know...paranoid!
And the fact that Gabe came home from school and proudly told me that he informed everyone at school and on the bus that Dad was gone doesn't help matters at all. I take precautions when I'm home alone, like not blogging about it until after the fact, but I guess Gabe wasn't aware of this 'rule.' He's seen Home Alone a billion times and should know there are burglars out there just waiting for their opportunity to strike! What was he thinking?
So, after a long, LONG night, we survived with no altercations other than a tired mom.
The kids, of course, slept great.
I just hate it when my hubby leaves me.
But he's back tonight, woohoo!

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