Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pink Eye Chloe

I think there's been at least one person sick in our household every single day since school started.
That's going on four months!
Not good.
Right now it's Chloe.
She woke up on Saturday with pink eye her right eye. I had eye drops left over from Cooper, who had pink eye two weeks ago. So, I started using the drops on Chloe. By Monday her left eye was better, but now the right eye was infected. She had her 18 month check-up Monday morning, so I was able to take her in to the doctor and confirm the pink eye. We got more drops and it's already much better today. But this is what her eye looked like yesterday:
{Click on the photos to see them closer...ewwww.}

These photos were taken after I washed her eye with a warm cloth so that it would at least open.
Pink eye, but still as happy as can be.
Putting eye drops in is a different story. I didn't know such a little girl could scream so hard and so LOUD! It seriously takes two of us to hold her little body down and pry her eyes open to get the drops administered. She squeezes her eyes shut so tight, that you need two hand just to pry them open. Then there's her flailing body, desperately trying to get away. What a job.
And the doctor doesn't think she got pink eye from Cooper because she would have gotten it much sooner.
Leave it to our kids I guess!

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