Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chloe's Pretend Play

Chloe has been sick again this week. I know...what's the deal with my family and being sick lately? This week, Chloe had a double ear infection and had trouble sleeping most every night, which translates into not only a very tired toddler, but also a very tired mom.
But this morning, she finally showed some signs of feeling better because she actually felt like playing!
Having a girl has really opened up my eyes to how different a girl plays than a boy. Chloe is starting to pretend a lot. Now the boys pretend play some, but nothing like Chloe. She makes fun out of the most ordinary objects.
Take this exercise equipment for example...

It looks like an ordinary eliptical to you, right?
But to Chloe...

It's a bed for her kitty.
She had that kitty all tucked into that eliptical step with her blanket, looked at me and said, "Kitty night night." Then she got some books from her room and was 'reading' to the kitty. But not just reading, she was reading very softly, almost whispering in the kitty's ear. It was so cute!

After that, she took her books and did this...

Yes, Chloe turns an ordinary sofa table into a reading nook.
She really cracks me up. It's something new everyday!

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how different girls are from boys. You will be amazed at the things you will clean up only to get told they were in "their house." I think Chloe is starting early though. Her kitty is too cute on the elliptical.
Love her bow too!