Friday, December 19, 2008

Letter to Santa

Gabe's class wrote letters to Santa and the teacher sent the letters home for the parents to keep. I thought I'd share Gabe's Santa letter. Gabe's letter is so indicative of him, always curious and asking a lot of questions.
So here it is...

Dear Santa,
Are the elves working for you this year? Are they making toys for everybody? Can your reindeer really fly? Can your sleigh really fly? Can the elves really make toys? I want some for me.
I know that Mrs. Claus makes cookies. Who does she make them for?
I want you to bring me a life saver like in Star Wars. I want some blocks and a train.
Merry Christmas!

Besides the many, many questions Gabe asks in his letter, I love that he asks for a life saver instead of a light saber. Ha ha. And I have to say, where did my boy's manners go when composing this letter? What's up with the demands? Not once is there a please or thank you! Oops. We'll have to have a talk about that :) I'm pretty sure Santa likes good manners.


Anonymous said...

I think it's the true test for mom's to see their kids's manners at Christmas time. If it makes you feel any better Kinzley is failing too. She is pretty sure she is getting everything she asked for and I am pretty sure she is not :)

Those darn commercials. Those pinko beads, floam, and moon sand.. Not happening little girl :)

I do hope Gabe gets his life saver though :)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, totally agree about the commercials Shawna! What's up with the floam and moon sand. Gabe and Cooper wants them too. And the commercials claim they aren't messy, yeah right!!!