Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Present Reviews

I thought I'd give a review of some of the Christmas presents the kids received from under our tree this year.
Certain Christmas presents have been big hits thus far.

For Chloe, it's her play phone.
It's constantly with her, and she's constantly 'talking' on it.
I guess she's got a lot to say!

Another of Chloe's beloved gifts is her new dog stroller. It came with twin little Scottie dogs for her to take care of. She loves to put those little doggies in the stroller and push them around.

And she loves to groom the dogs, and give them lots of kisses. What a little mommy :)

This year for Christmas, Aunt Fern introduced our family to the world of gaming.
Yes, we made the leap onto the Wii bandwagon, and it's been a time-consuming ride.
The boys want to play Wii all the time.
At least they're actually up and moving around as they play, right?

One of their favorite games is bowling.
It's a game they can both play and don't have too much trouble mastering, that is, after Cooper got over the fact that you throw the ball forward, not backwards.

And here's Jason looking quite dapper in his new AE sweater, from moi of course!
Sitting by the fire in his new mock turtleneck...all he needs is a pipe hanging out of his mouth to complete the look. Lol.
If I didn't buy him clothes, that boy would be naked...
{Jas HATES to go shopping. Lucky for him, I love it!}

Besides clothes, I also got Jason 24: Season 5.
There's nothing like spending your nights watching Jack Bauer save the world from terrorism.
With all these gifts, who needs to leave the house?

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