Monday, December 8, 2008

Hat-Obsessed Chloe

Chloe loves hats. And being that I love to shop for clothes, she of course has lots of hats.
She'll go to her hat basket where I keep all of her hats and she puts them on herself. Then, she'll take a model walk around the room before going back to the basket and trying on another one.
I was looking through my photos and it really was amazing just how many photos I have of Chloe with a hat on. Thought I'd share a few to document her love of this accessory.

{Besides the hats, I'm also seeing a thumb-sucking trend going on in these photos! Uh oh!}

And when she does not have her own hat on,
apparently she's trying to steal another 'person's' hat.


juliemk said...

Cute pictures! Love all of the hats on Chole! :-) Got your Christmas card, it is awesome!

Anonymous said...

That is too cute! I was wondering if she was sucking her thumb or was teething at that time..
You know I love litte thumb suckers ;)