Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back online!

I woke up on Sunday morning to a house without internet or cable television. It's sad, but the past three days have been a long three days...no blogging for me...no favorite shows for the kids. You really don't realize how reliant you are on technology until it is taken away.
But we've had fun anyway...playing board games, coloring, reading books, making cookies...all things that can get pushed aside when the internet and cable are working.
So, now that you know why I've been absent from blogging, let me tell you that you've missed a lot. Gabe's first wrestling tournament was on Sunday for starters. And then there's my fireplace mishap where I could have easily burned down the house. Oops.
But I'll have to blog about those things later, as I actually have some work to catch up on now that the internet is working {the only downfall to its return.}
So, stay tuned!

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