Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub, Three Kids in a Tub

So this doesn't happen very often. I usually bathe the boys together and bathe Chloe by herself. But it was past their bedtimes and I was in a hurry, so a community bath was the answer to my dilemma.
This did make for some memorable photos...we all have at least one bathtub photo from our childhood, right?!? Well, maybe except for me, the forgotten fourth child whose family apparently never had a camera in the house past her older brother's glory days. {I'm pretty sure this explains my obsession with taking photos of the kids.}
Anyway, moving past my bitterness,
Chloe looked so happy to be bathing with her brothers...

Until Cooper started doing this...

She didn't like having water poured over her head over and over again. Go figure?!?
I think she'll opt for her own bath time from now on.


Anonymous said...

That is too cute. Love the story about the 4th child with no pictures. You poor girl :)

Oh Kinzley thought the first pic was hilarious!!!! You better not tell Gabe she saw it :)

Anonymous said...

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