Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree tonight. This annual event has come a little later than usual because we've been so busy. Keeping in mind my obsession with Christmas, I would have liked to have had the tree up and decorated right after Thanksgiving, if not before. I had all my other Christmas decor out about 3 weeks before Thanksgiving.
But I digress.
As I was saying, we got our Christmas tree tonight, since the snow caused school to be let out two hours early. We went over to Jason's parents' house, where we get our tree every year. I took photos, as I always do, and they are hilarious.
It could have something to do with the 15 degree temperature and the crazy cold wind, but everyone's faces look pained. Humorously pained.
Then there's Chloe. She had her full snow gear on...snow pants, heavy coat, snow boots, mittens, hat and hood. So, needless to say, she couldn't move. Jason put her down to walk through the snow and she just stood there. Got some funny pics of her, probably thinking, 'do you people actually expect me to walk with all these clothes on?'
And then there was Gabe, who was dancing around, saying he had to go pee. Classic, right?!?
Cooper was the only one that wasn't complaining, and he's usually the one who gets really cold...go figure.
But memories are memories, right?!?
It was also getting quite dark...almost 5 p.m. by the time we got our tree picked out, so please excuse the dark photos.
Here's Chloe right after Jason put her down to walk.
{Seriously, doesn't she just look incredibly freaked out?!?}

That girl wasn't going anywhere!

Then came the tears...

And sweet Cooper to comfort her...

I got a photo of Gabe and Coop with the tree saw. I know, very safe giving a five and two-year-old a saw, right?!? You can see a bit of the pretty sunset sky colors in the background. I did say it was almost dark!

And the photo of dad with the kids after the tree was cut down. It was completely dark by then!

Now comes the fun part of decorating the tree.
But that will have to wait til' tomorrow.

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