Friday, October 3, 2008

'Boys Only' Fort

Jason decided to "build" the boys a fort this morning before he left for work. There's no school today, so I guess he figured they need something to do.

Now when I've built the boys a fort in the past, it involved simply securing their bed comforters between the bunk beds and their dresser in their room, creating a hideout of sorts. Jason's idea of building a fort involves actually moving furniture and, of course, conveniently building this fort right in front of the television in the living room. And, as you'll see from the photos below, the fort dress code is apparently underwear only. I'm thinking this must be a guy thing, lounging around the living room in front of the tv in just your underwear. Any guys dream fort, right?!

That's why I wasn't surprised when Gabe informed me of the fort rules. 'This is a boys fort mom. Only boys are allowed.'

But it's amazing how much the fort rules change once someone {Coop} breaks it. All of a sudden mom is allowed in the fort for repair. Again, very convenient.

Really, it is so fun seeing the boys laying together in their fort. Brings back memories of my childhood days, only sadly I played in forts with imaginary friends since the youngest of my three older brothers is 11 years my senior. Our kids are really blessed to have each other as buddies.

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MamaPajama said...

It's the best-decorated fort I've ever seen -- matching couches/walls, a perfectly symmetrical layout, other fabrics that correspond with the striping of the couch/wall. It looks comfy and fun!