Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Different Faces of Sickness

It's no secret that people deal with sickness in different ways.
Some lay in bed, moaning and groaning, using their cell phone similar to the way a sick person would use a bell to beckon their wife to wait on them hand and foot.
I present Exhibit A:

{Yes, I actually get phone calls on the home phone from Jason's cell phone because he's so sick, he can't yell loud enough for me to hear him from the bedroom. Funny, I know.}
And by the way, Jason's probably going to kill me when he sees that I post this, but it was too funny not to share, so it's worth it.

And yet, other sick people exercise in their underwear.
Exhibit B:

Coop has never been one to get too sick. I think part of his resilience is that he takes after me and never runs a fever!
Regardless, I'm taking care of my sick boys the best I can and praying that no one else in our family gets sick!

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Anonymous said...

That is funny! Has Jason seen this post yet? :) He looks pitiful! Coopa is hilarious! I hope he is feeling better..