Saturday, October 18, 2008

While Mom is Away...

I met my friend Suz {love you Suz!} for lunch today and when I came home I see that my husband has captured a couple of CUTE photos of Chloe. Had to post them!

And a quick side note: Jason is not one to just randomly pick up the camera and start taking photos. In fact, he often makes fun of me for taking so many photos of the kids. So, maybe my photo obsession is wearing off on Jason a bit.

The first one of Chloe with the hat was what prompted Jason to pick up the camera in the first place. He said he had been upstairs for a minute and when he came downstairs, Chloe came walking out of Gabe and Cooper's room with their hat on her head backwards. She had put it on all by herself, and was just walking around so nonchalantly. Too Cute!

I didn't crop this next photo at all. When I asked Jason how he got Chloe in focus clear off to the side of the shot without changing the manual focal location on the camera, his response was, 'I just got lucky I guess.' Glad he was so lucky today...what a cute photo!

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Firefly Photo Jewelry said...

No wonder Gabe is so good at photos. Both of his parents are :)