Thursday, October 2, 2008

School Tears

The first time I visited Gabe at school about one month ago, he cried for one hour straight after I left. I talked with him about it, and although I never got a good reason as to why he cried, he assured me he wouldn't do that again.
Well, he did. Today, I stopped by after I picked Cooper up from preschool. Gabe was out for recess and we saw him playing with friends on the swings, so we thought we'd stop and say hi. Bad idea! Immediately, tears erupted.
"I don't want you to go," Gabe said. I had just gotten there, and his first words were not 'Hi,' but instead a plea for me not to leave. His friends were even consoling him, and asking him to come play with them. But to no avail. He wasn't leaving his position attached to my leg for anything!
I have to say, this is not like Gabe at all. From birth, he's never cared if I leave. He loves to go with anyone {such a people person} and is always outgoing and never shy, unless he pretends to be.
Independent is a great word to describe Gabe. He's always been a go-getter, and is his own person. That's why I'm so puzzled by this behavior as of late.
With the help of his teacher, we finally got him calmed down, but I left with a sad heart. I feel for the moms whose kids cry every day when they drop them off at school or daycare. I know that my delicate emotions could never handle that kind of thing on a regular basis. God made me sensitive, and at the same time, He knew what He was doing when He gave me outgoing, independent kids. One day of leaving a sad child where he said he didn't want to be is enough to do me in!
And it's definitely enough to create an apprehension about going to school to visit Gabe. But the school welcomes, even encourages parental visits and involvement in the classroom. And I desire to help and share in Gabe's day, but not if I leave him in tears!
Hopefully next time will be easier...I'm suppose to help in the classroom on Monday. We'll see how it goes I guess :)

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