Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last night Worship Team practice ran late at church, which put me late getting home. When I walked through the door of our bedroom at about 9:45 p.m., this is what I found:

The above photo is our bedspread covered in drywall dust.
Nope, it was no accident. This was a planned mess.
Apparently, the in-wall speakers Jason had ordered for our bedroom had arrived via UPS yesterday and he just could not wait to install them.
{Jason's definitely like a kid with toys when it comes to electronics.}
There are now two speakers in the ceiling of our room, which you can see Jason cutting the hole for the second speaker in the photo below.
{Notice all the falling dust, hence the reason for the mess on our bedspread.}

And below is the finished product: one newly installed speaker.

Of course, the volume control switch isn't installed yet. But we wouldn't want to completely finish a project all in one night!
{I really do love you Jason, but you know it's true!}

Despite the mess in our room, I do have to give Jason credit for clean-up. He got out the vacuum after he finished his speaker installation at 11:45 p.m. and cleaned up after himself. The bedroom furniture still has a healthy dose of dust which I will have to clean today, but I can handle that.
So this morning, I turned the radio on and brought Chloe into our room to see what she would think. {She LOVES music and LOVES to dance.} She immediately started looking around, trying to figure out where the music was coming from. She went over to our clock radio and gave me a puzzled look, like she knew it wasn't coming from that thing! I then held Chloe up in the air, close to the speakers, and she just smiled. It was so sweet!
When I put Chloe back down on the floor, she kept pointing to the ceiling and laughing, so I'm thinking Jason made her day!

Now Jason said he's preparing himself for 104.5 FM to start their non-stop holiday music, because he knows I tune in every year as soon as they start playing Christmas music and don't tune out until after New Years.
He may regret putting those speakers in our bedroom after all!

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