Friday, October 24, 2008

Poor Cooper

I hate to type these words, but wanted to ask for prayer for our little Cooper.
He's sick again!
How can this be? Just yesterday he was dancing with us and singing his favorite preschool songs.
We thought he was back to normal after 7 sick-free days, but he woke up this morning with the same symptoms as before...nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
After the before mentioned three symptoms persisted for three non-stop hours, we called our doctor and she said to take him to the hospital. By this point, Cooper was very dehydrated and had to be given fluids through an IV.
He was so brave, and so sweet.
I really do think he was the talk of St. Luke's Emergency room this afternoon, as every nurse or doctor who would enter our room would say how sweet they've heard Cooper is, and how brave too.
They had brought in a whole team of nurses when they put the IV in, expecting a three year old to put up quite a fight. But Cooper just laid there, perfectly still and smiled at all the nurses.
I think the poor little guy was just so worn out from his morning in the bathroom that he really didn't care what they were poking him with, as long as it made him feel better.
They again took a blood sample and he again had an extremely elevated white blood count, which indicates that he has an infection but also that his body is fighting that infection.
The doctors are now thinking that this is a viral infection, not a bacterial one as they initially suspected, due to the fact that a week on powerful sulfate antibiotics didn't take care of his illness. And since it's viral, that means there's nothing they can do but let it run its course.
But they did send up home with anti-nausea medication and I am happy to report Cooper is feeling much better as of tonight. He ate supper {mac & cheese...his favorite} and asked to go to sleep {he was exhausted after a long day being sick and at the hospital.} He hasn't vomited all night and has been resting comfortable for hours now.
I am now praying that whatever this sickness is, it will just go away so that Cooper can fully heal. I don't think his poor little 30-pound body can handle much more of this!
So please, if you could pray for Cooper to have a quick full recovery, that would be so wonderfully appreciated!
And thank you all for taking the time to read about our lives, and for thinking of us!
We are SO blessed, God is good, and we don't ever forget this, even in the midst of a four-week on and off illness. There's nothing we can't endure without Christ's strength. I just wish it were happening to me instead of my son!
{And a special thank you to our two Grandmas, for watching Chloe and Gabe so that Jason and I could both be at the hospital with Cooper. You really helped us immensely!}

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Anonymous said...

Oh NO! Gosh poor Cooper.. It's awfully cute he can stay so upbeat thru it all. It's such a relief as a mom when your kids FINALLY start feeling better. You just figure it won't hit again for a long time. Not one week later! Luckliy the meds are helping-poor guy!