Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cooper: A Good Friend

Ever since Cooper started preschool, he's become quite the ladies man. For a while, this title was reserved for Gabe, as he's always been our little ladies man. But now that Cooper's getting older, I'm afraid we have two on our hands!
Cooper has friends that are boys, but he is often talking about girls...Jaden...Maddie...Destiny...Ariana...the list goes on. I can't even keep track of who all these girls are that Cooper speaks so fondly of.
Grandma Bonnie has even been approached by some of Coop's little friends that are girls at the pumpkin farm, and while she was out to eat. Both of these little girls said, smiling, "Cooper's my friend." Ahhhh.
I'm sure Cooper will always be a friend to everyone. He is very sweet, always trying to take care of others and make sure others are happy.
Believe me, he has his moments, like when he's just done doing the 'sharing thing' with his little sister. But overall, Cooper is just a good friend.
The other night, I was talking to Cooper about Jesus and how Jesus was a friend to everyone and always thought of others before himself. I said something to the effect of, "Jesus was a good friend." And Cooper said, "Me too mom! I'm like Jesus!" It was so sweet.
Then he said, "Mom, did Jesus have an Ariana like me?" He was talking about his little friend from church who he calls 'my Ariana' and she calls him 'my Cooper.'
Well, obviously, Cooper can only comprehend so much at age 3, so I just moved on.

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